When I started BAMBOOSTERS my intention was to provide a product that was profitable to retailers and café owners and would make the War On Waste one that they and their customers would be happy to fight. Our cups are presented in eye catching retail display boxes designed to be placed next to the register as an impulse purchase item. The cups are bright, cheerful and affordable.

So far, we have provided our reusable keep cups to dozens of cafes nationwide and they’re selling like hotcakes. Running a café can be a tough gig, any profitable add on is welcome, especially if it’s a product that enhances your credentials as someone that cares about our planet. Better yet, if it’s an item that encourages customer loyalty through a discount system such as the one promoted by Responsible Cafes.

Recently, we ran a Google adwords campaign and a surprising thing happened. We started getting orders from schools and charities. Our reusable coffee cups are a hit with fundraisers! Our schools need to raise extra money through fundraising and they love the opportunity  to promote environmental values at the same time. BAMBOOSTERS reusable coffee cups fit the bill on both counts.

What a superb unexpected consequence. The school/charity makes some much needed money, the student learns a lesson about the evils of single use plastic, and a bit less plastic goes into landfill, talk about win win!

If you’d like to discuss adding BAMBOOSTERS to your next fundraising mix, please phone me, Adrian, on 0421 278 804.

I would be delighted to be of assistance.



27 July 2018