Plastics Just Don’t Go Away

I think that by now we’ve all seen this iconic image of a plastic bag on the cover of National Geographic. It illustrates that we’re finally becoming aware that plastic just doesn’t go away. In fact, every bit of plastic that was ever made still exists somewhere.

Here in Australia, our supermarkets no longer provide single use plastic bags. Plastic drinking straws are next in the firing line. Cafes are offering reusable coffee cups with the support of organisations like Responsible Cafes, and their local councils in many cases.

When we see our precious marine animals and birds being killed by our plastic garbage, we really do need to start paying attention to the consequences of our consumption.

We at BAMBOOSTERS are aware that we are only addressing one small part of the problem, but we’re a link in the chain, and the more businesses that offer plastic free options, the better it is for our planet.

Eliminating non recyclable single use coffee cups from your cafe may seem like  a radical step right now, but if Australian retail giants like Coles and Woolies are working on eliminating single use plastics, maybe it’s just good business.

Reusable Coffee Cups helps to reduce plastic